Laugh-Out-Loud A+ Jokes for Kids

By Rob Elliott


Do you like jokes? Do you like to laugh? Well, Laugh-Out-Loud by Rob Elliott is a perfect book for you!
Most of the jokes were funny, some corny, and a few were boring. I enjoyed sharing the jokes with my family, seeing if they could get the jokes, and their reactions to the actual punch lines.
This book had many school-related jokes. For example, why don’t kids in the choir get good grades? They only go for the high Cs! Another, how do clams call their parents after school? They use their shell-phones!   There are many, many more jokes including knock knock jokes and dialogue jokes.
The publisher states that this book is appropriate for 6-10 year olds. However, I would recommend this book for all ages because both my parents and I enjoyed it. It is a quick and easy read.