Home Depot

Kid's Workshop


Do you like creating things? Do you enjoy using wood, nails, screws, and paint? If you do, I would 100% recommend signing up for a Home Depot Kids’ DIY Workshop activity. Your parent is able to register you for a workshop online.
At these activities, they give you materials and instructions. You are also provided with a Home Depot apron. Depending on the workshop, you can create a birdhouse, supply basket, etc. The most recent one that I attended was a fishing game DIY workshop. I first made an open box. Then I put together foam fishes. Lastly, I constructed the fishing rod used to catch them. I was also given the option to paint my box and fishing rod. Once I was done, like with all the workshops, I was given a pin and certificate.
Home Depot holds the Kids’ DIY Workshops on the first Saturday of every month from
9 am until 12 pm. I would recommend these workshops to all kids who love to create things. It’s always a good time!