The Land of Yesterday


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The book, “The Land Of Yesterday,” by K.A. Reynolds is about Cecelia and her brother, Celadon.

One day, Cecelia decides to go surfing on her staircase railing. She breaks the railing and promises her house, Widdendream that if it doesn’t fix itself, she will. But, she forgets.

Her brother falls down the stairs and dies while Cecelia is sleeping. She didn’t realize that Celadon fell down the stairs because she had fallen asleep. Her mother, Mazarine follows Celadon to The Land Of Yesterday.

Widdendream wants Mazarine to come back and traps Cecelia’s father Aubergine. Widdendream won’t let Aubergine out until Cecelia finds her mother. Cecelia tries to get to The Land of Yesterday, but on the way, her brother’s ghost turns into a paper doll.

To see if she finds her mother, make sure you read, “The Land of Yesterday.”

I recommend this book for both genders because it is a fantasy and I believe both boys and girls will enjoy fantasy. The book is appropriate for ages 9 and up. Children younger than nine years old might not understand the book and become upset because the book is sad in some parts, for example: when Celadon dies.

But, it’s very interesting. I really enjoyed the book because of how the house can actually talk and trap people, which is fascinating. Also, I like that there is actually a land for people that have died in this book. Overall, it’s a great book that I definitely recommend.

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