Time Tracers The Stolen Summers

Time Tracers The Stolen Summers

 “Time Tracers The Stolen Summers” by Annabeth Bondor-Stone & Connor White is about a boy named Taj and his summer vacation.

On their last day of school, the three friends Taj, Lucas, and Jen are waiting for school to end. They tell each other about their summer vacation plans.

The next day when Taj wakes up he notices that everyone is acting strange. He looks at the date and sees that it is Monday September 5th even though yesterday was the last day of school! He still has to go to school so he goes.

When he arrives at school everything is still weird. His gym teacher is acting up and tells them to do anything that they want. So, they play dodge ball. It’s all fun and games until Taj thinks he’s going to get nailed in the face by a dodgeball…….time freezes.

He’s confused, then at that moment a bus that says, Out of Service,” smashes through the wall! The driver tells Taj that his name is Eon and to get on the bus. Taj is a little hesitant at first but got on.

Taj later finds out that he is the worm and is able to turn time back to normal. He also learns that time doesn’t fly, it gets stolen by time thieves, and that his summer was stolen. So, he has to work with time tracers Eon and Syd to get back his summer.

If you want to know if Taj returns time back to its normal state read the book to find out.  I would recommend this book to all children ages 8-11 because there is a lot of action and blowing things up.

If you are a person who likes to read about monsters and aliens you might enjoy this book even if you are older than 11. I liked this book because I love Science Fiction and it is a real page turner, I always wanted to see what happens next.