The Lost Books: The Scroll of Kings

“The Lost Books:The Scroll of Kings,” by Sarah Prineas, in my opinion is a good book but the way the author wrote the book is kind of confusing for the ages recommended. If Sarah Prineas made the book a little more predictable then the reader would not have as much of a hard time reading “The Lost Books.”

For years, all the libraries in the kingdom have been locked up. Is it to keep the books safe from readers? Or ….. is it to keep readers safe from the books.

In the beginning of the book, Alex the librarian apprentice suspects that books have a long, dark secret. When his elderly master dies from very suspicious circumstances, Alex impersonates the old man so he can take up the position of royal librarian—- a job more dangerous then he ever imagined. Now the queen has suspicions that Alex is not the actual old man he says he is.

Now Alex is at the palace and since Queen Kenneth has suspicions she gives him the impossible and tells him that he has to make the library the most popular one in only two weeks or he has to leave the palace and never come back.

But, that does not stop Alex from trying his best and as soon as he gets into the library he surveys the shelves and starts to clean windows.Then he sees a book and he notices it’s the same book that killed his master Merywn Farnsworth.

So, he decides to open the book and the same vines materialized from the book like that day that Alex was saved by the knights. Next, the Queen comes in with her royal guard and exposes Alex’s character but now the vines are attacking the royal guard and the fight goes on and on.

If you want to find out what happens next read the book. I would recommend this book for all children ages 10-13 because there are slight language issues and there is a little bit of violence. I also don’t think your gender would keep you from reading it because this book is a real page turner and it will be worth your time.