Zach King: The Magical Mix-up


In the book, “Zach King: The Magical Mix-up”, by magician Zach King, we find out right away that Zach, the young character in the book, broke his magical item that allowed him to perform magic.

He’s bummed out because he missed doing magic. His whole family still had their magic items. Zach didn’t!

He wanted to forget that he didn’t have it anymore. Zach decided to ask his crush, Rachel to the upcoming dance.

He wanted to do something big. He finally thought of using a drone that carried flowers and a note. He told all his plans to his best friend, Aaron.

Zach had everything set up and ready to go, when he heard some strange sound. Zach looked around and finally found the cause of the noise.

There was another drone with a card and flowers that said, ”Rachel” in fancy letters!

Someone Zach didn’t know walked up to her. His name was Hogan. Hogan asked Rachel to the dance the same way Zach was going to!

One day he saw Hogan talking to Tricia Stands, the meanest girl in school. That was when Zach knew something was up, but what?

I really enjoyed this book because it was really funny. It had a lot of magic in it (as expected) and I love fantasies!

My favorite part of the book was when Hogan asked Rachel to the dance right before Zach did. It added a big twist to the story. Talking about big twists, when I got to the part where Tricia and Hogan were talking I automatically knew that they were planning something.

I never liked him one bit ever since the drone part of the book. Another reason I love this book is, Zach never gives up. It’s a great example for young readers. This book is fantastic for ages 8 and up. It’s most likely enjoyable for both genders.

I really like how the author, Zach King, puts the reader into the character’s mind. I give this book 5 stars!