Leopard Gecko Care


Baby Pluto hatching out of his egg!

 This summer I got two leopard geckos, Venus, a girl, Jupiter, boy. Leopard geckos are easy to care for once you understand their needs.

To decide what size tank your leopard gecko needs, you need to decide how many geckos you want. For one gecko, 10-20 gallons is sufficient, so that means for two, 30-40 gallons. Also make sure you wash the tank. After, you will need to lay down a reptile carpet. Be sure not to lay down sand because your geckos will eat it thinking it’s calcium. They could get bloated and die. Next, put two or three hides in the tank; one on the left side, one on the right, and if you want one in the middle. Once you’re done with that you can put in three bowls. One for food, one for water, and one small one for calcium. (You can use bottle caps.) When you’re finished arranging the tank how you’d like, attach an LED light to the screen cover. One should be a regular light, for day, and the other should be a red light, for night. Put them both on one side. The side you put them on will be the warm side. The other side will be the cool side. Now put coconut fiber under the hide that is in the cool side. Spray it with water. That will be called the moist hide. The hide in the warm side is called the warm hide. Now just let the tank warm up to 80-95º.  Next, put some calcium in the smallest of the three bowls. You can also fill up the water bowl. Once everything is ready,  it is time to chose your gecko.

When deciding what leopard gecko to get there are many morphs and they could cost anywhere from $30-$2,000. Now you may ask,  “What is the difference, is the $2,000 one better better than the $30 one?”

Well no. The only different thing is the morphs. Some could be bred for and some may just be natural.

Finally, you need to understand how to feed your Leopard geckos.If you have a baby you should be feeding the baby every day. If you have an adult you should be feeding the adult gecko every other day. I feed mine about 6 mealworms each, with tweezers and I leave 3 in their bowl. I also feed my geckos about 4-5 crickets.

One day something extraordinary happened.

They laid eggs !!!! My family and I made them an incubator, and the geckos kept laying eggs, every two weeks, and they lay two eggs at a time. The first two died but,  the next two we had hope for. The third pair of eggs died, and the fourth pair we have incubating now. We believe one is going to make it: we’re not so sure about the other one, though. But anyway, back to the second pair of eggs. One hatched, and he was sooo cute, we named him Pluto, because the mom is Venus, and the dad is Jupiter. (We’re naming them after planets.) Then a week went by and the other egg started rotting. We got worried, but gave it a few more days. After My family and I saw fruit fly maggots on the egg we were pretty sure she was dead. But just in case we decided to cut the egg open. When we did I saw the saddest thing EVER!!! There was a little baby gecko sitting there; only she wasn’t moving, or breathing. Something went wrong and she didn’t develop right. That shows how nature works. We had them in the same environments, we gave them the same things, but one survived, and one didn’t.  

  Now I have 3 geckos and they’re wonderful. They are so easy to take care of and the food is so cheap. I would definitely recommend you getting one if you’re looking for a cheap easy pet, or a rare animal to show everyone. Either way they make amazing pets, and you don’t have to worry about being allergic. The only thing is wash your hands after playing with them because they have salmonella and they are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. Other than that enjoy!



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