Following Baxter


“Following Baxter,  by Barbara Kelly, is a mystery book. “Following Baxter,” is a page turner about a dog named Baxter and a girl named Jordie.

Jordie’s parents are divorced and her dad lives in her garage. Jordie,and her family have a new neighbor, Professor Reese. Professor Reese is holding on to her boss’s dog Baxter for a while.

Baxter is a very smart dog and very good at finding missing things. In “Following Baxter,” Professor Reece is working on the possibilities of time travel.

Out of nowhere Professor Reece disappears, so Baxter, Jordie, and her brother go out to find her.

I was obsessed with reading this book because I loved it so much.

“Following Baxter,” has a lot of plot twists.  It’s a good book for kids 9 to 13. If you want a good mystery book to read get “Following Baxter.”