A Trip to Niagara Falls


I recently took a trip to the most known waterfall around the world, the one with about 14 to 20 million visitors each year, and, trust me it was amazing! It is the waterfall with the largest volume of water traveling through it: Niagara Falls!

The Falls have many entertaining activities for you to do, for example, “The Maid of The Mist,” a boat that takes you around the Falls and sometimes if you’re close to the falls you can get really wet.

Additionally, there’s also the “Cave of The Winds” which is not really a cave but it is a bunch of stairs that lead up very high and then you can see a water falling down from above, and if you even dare to step under you will feel a lot of water crashing\falling down on you. The further in you go the more you feel the water falling down on you.

There is a dress code which requires you to wear  ponchos because if you do not wear waterproof clothes you will get your good clothes wet, but don’t worry they will give you a poncho (usually yellow or blue) so you do not have to bring your own! You do not have to wear your poncho all the time, just when they tell you to.

I personally love Niagara Falls because at night when I went to see the Falls there were lights all around the falls so it looked like the falls were blasting with color and on the night that I was there I saw the most beautiful fireworks that I had ever seen!

I really loved Niagara Falls and I think you would too! I think kids 5 and above should go to see the waterfall because it’s a place to remember and I would not want you to forget the experience just because you were too young.

From one out of ten I will rate the falls as a ten because it’s so, so, so beautiful, so that is why you should go to the most amazing, the most exciting place ever, the most beautiful, Niagara Falls!     

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