You Go First

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“You Go First,” by Erin Entrada Kelly is about a girl  named Charlotte whose dad needs to get surgery after he had a heart attack and a boy named Ben whose parents are getting divorced. Ben and Charlotte go to different schools, live in different time zones and can’t use cell phones in school.

They have something in common because they both sit alone at lunch, they don’t have any friends and are both TAG (Talented and Gifted) kids. They met through online Scrabble and set up a text to keep in contact; however, they can’t speak to each other in school. The book is about their struggles in life.

I like this book because I can relate to it. For example, Ben and I both ran for student council and also because my father had surgery. This was a difficult time for me just like it was for Charlotte. Finally, I like art just like Charlotte’s dad.

I suggest this book for both boys and girls in grades 4-7.  I think it would be perfect for grades 4-7 because for grades lower than 4 it would be too hard and for 7 and up it would be too simple.