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Estranged,” by Ethan M. Aldridge, was a lot of F-U-N!!! In most cases, you “shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but this book is exactly what the cover shows–a great story with great illustrations to go with it!

Readers beware–a TWIST has been prepared! In the book, Edmund Carter was taken from his family at 1 year old by the royal family of mythical beings known as the Fay, and the royal prince-also at age one-was chosen to replace him–meaning they never really knew their blood families. Now, Edmund lives on as the royals’ human pet, “the Human Childe.”

So, the prince-named Cinder-lives on in Edmund’s place. But when the king’s sister Hawthorne steals the crown and throne-as well as turning the king and queen into rats-it’s up to the young duo (along with Alexia Carter and wax golem Wick)to stop her. (Hawthorne, not Alexia.)

I think this book is for adventure-lovers of all ages, but a great grade to read it would be grades 3-4. And I give this book 4½ out of 5 stars! I took away ½ a star because of the shortage in mythical beasts, creatures, humanoids,etc. Also, there is no cursing, violence, cannibalism, etc.

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