City of Islands


In “City of Islands,” by Kali Wallace , a girl named Mara, who works for a woman called The Lady of the Tides, goes on a adventure.  A boy told Mara that he saw a pile of bones in the ocean and he told Mara exactly where the bones were. So Mara went to the spot. When The Lady found out that Mara did not dive where The Lady wanted her to, she got Mara in BIG trouble!  The Lady seemed pretty interested in the bones though. So she let Mara dive there for a while.  Once Mara got all the bones she could find, she loaded them onto her friend Driftwood’s boat.  Finally when Mara got to the Lady’s tower she watched as the Lady inspected the bones.  When The Lady finished the inspection, she found that some bones were missing!  The Lady thought that The Lord of Muck had the bones, and that if he did, he was most likely hiding them somewhere in his castle!!  So she sent Mara on a very serious and dangerous mission… The Lady wanted to send Mara to the Muck’s castle to spy on him!!!!!!! Mara got some help along the way but also got stopped very often by people helping The Muck too.  When Mara was helping The Lady, I found that a lot of her friends tried to help her as well.  After all, it would be a very hard job to accomplish without good friends to help you along the way.    

Towards the middle it got more mysterious which for me really makes me intrigued to read more because you can’t get too much mystery right?  In addition, Mara has to save her friends Fish Hook and Izzy, from the Lord of Muck’s dungeon and from The Muck’s Laboratory. The Lord of Muck believes that he can make humans into founders, which is the reason why he traps people in his dungeon… so he can experiment on them.  But a lot of people think that he is is out of his mind and that he can’t do it. Mara has to save Fish Hook and Izzy quick if she doesn’t want them to get hurt!!

I think the book “The City of Islands” is a really good book to read!! In this book there are a lot of really, really tough vocabulary words that a fourth grader or somebody who is younger may not know, so I would say this book would be for a really outstanding reader in fourth or fifth grade, but it’s more for a sixth or seventh grader. I believe that both boys and girls would be interested in this book. Overall,  the book “City of Islands” is a very exciting book choice.