Into the Nightfell Wood


In  “Into the Nightfell Wood” by Kristin Bailey, a girl named Wynn and her brother named Elric, go on quite the adventure in order to get to the silver gate so they can start their new lives as the fairy queen’s new children; but, one day Wynn’s chicken, Mildred, runs out of the fairy realm and Wynn follows her only to find herself stuck in the Nightfell Wood.

Wynn  seeks the help of others while Elric tries to find Wynn and take her home. She keeps trying to get back to the fairy realm but the force field traps her in the forest so she faces extreme challenges. To find out more about Wynn and Elric’s adventure you will have to read the book.

I believe that the book “Into the Nightfell Wood” is very challenging because of twisted story lines as well as very hard vocabulary and names, plus it’s about 300 pages long, so I would recommend this book to grades 4 and up. 

This book has many upsetting and scary, as well as uplifting events. The story line is a bit hard to follow but, once I started reading, I did not want to stop. I think that anyone who likes fairies and monsters will like this story.

I liked  “Into the Nightfell Wood” because it was very interesting and it caught my attention quickly. It does not have pictures but the front and back cover are very pretty and relate well to the plot. The story switches back and forth from Wynn’s perspective to Elric’s. I hope you like this book as much as I did.