Soldier Dogs; Air Raid Search and Rescue

If you like action, then “Soldier Dogs; Air Raid Search and Rescue,” by Marcus Sutter, is a great book for you!

It’s about a boy named Matt, who was left by his older brother, Eric, who volunteered to fight the Japanese during World War II. It’s up to Matt to watch over and take care of Eric’s great dog, Chief. But it seems as if Chief is going to have to take are of Matt, and his adopted little sister, Rachel, who never stops following around her big brother.

Matt and his family live a risky and dangerous life. They live in Canterbury, England, where the Germans are threatening to bomb their city. They are always scared, and they should be! Because later that day, the sirens go off! The first bomb drops. Its an air raid! There’s screaming, and yelling, and running. Chief is lost from the pack, and it’s looking bad! The kids are lost. Can Chief save them?

I would recommend this book for ages 9+ because any kids younger wouldn’t understand. For example, they might not know the Baedeker Blitz or the Canterbury Blitz, and I believe it would be much more interesting to someone older.