The Lost Rainforest: Mez’s Magic

The Lost Rainforest: Mez's Magic

The book, “The Lost Rainforest,” by Elliot Schrefer was very interesting. This book was interesting because of the events that happen and because the characters had unusual character traits.

Two of the main characters were Panther cubs. One was named Mez and her sister who had  a missing foot was named Chumba. Other characters include an evil older cousin named Mist and baby cousins named Yerlo, Jerlo, and Derli. The sisters Mez and Chumba were born during an eclipse so they have to adjust to being nocturnal and sleeping through the daytime. Mez and Chumba’s mother was deceased, she died during the eclipse that they were born in. Mez and Chumba’s Aunt Usha, their mother’s sister, promised that she would take care of the cubs.

Now that the cubs live with Aunt Usha, she dislikes and distrusts them but because she wanted to keep her promise, she continues to care for the cubs. Ultimately, Aunt Usha decided to keep only one of the sisters and to abandon the other. The sisters make the decision that Mez should go. While hunting, Mez meets a snake named Auriel. While she is walking around with Auriel, Mez overhears the ants chanting a poem which leads Mez on a journey.

I recommend this book to 8-12 year old children who like to read fantasy and action packed books. Also this book is an adventure story because the creatures explore the Animal Kingdom  while on their journey.