Spirit Hunters: The island of Monsters


“Spirit Hunters, Island of Monsters,” by Ellen Oh is a book for people who like horror stories. The main character, Harper has ghost friends. But something bad is happening, the ghosts are disappearing. Harper and her grandma encounter a soul eater, the entity that was linked to the disappearing ghosts.

Harper’s family decides to go on a cruise to an island with a darkened past. Harper is allowed to bring her friend, Dayo on the cruise. Harper, Dayo and, Michael, Harper’s brother, are the only people going on the cruise that are aware of the spiritual world and its inhabitants. But Leo, Harper’s cousin, who is an annoying prankster, has to come on the cruise too. Leo is not his usual self, he feels haunted by something but he does not know what it is.

Harper meets a new friend, Olivia, whose family owns the hotel that they are staying in. But Olivia is stuck on the island. Her mom insisted that she must stay on the island because of danger and because Olivia’s father left them. The girls befriend a ghost named Holly who knows about the dangers on the island.

People have marks.These marks appear on people’s chins. Harper is suspicious when Michael (Yea remember him} gets one of these marks during a nightmare he had.

Harper had visions about the island and the hotel’s past. She saw murders through these visions. She saw evil people and monsters called Razu.

I would recommend this book for any person who likes adventure.  I’d recommend “Island of Monsters” to children from 8 to 13. It’s a great page-turner book, full of adventures and well, more adventures! Do you think that Harper can stop these evil monsters? Read “Spirit Hunters Island of Monsters” to find out!