Marge in Charge and The Stolen Treasure.

“Marge in Charge and the Stolen Treasure,” by Isla Fisher is the second book in the Marge in Charge series. However, you don’t have to read the first book to understand the second one. This book is like three little books in one, where two kids go on adventures with their wacky babysitter.

In one adventure, on a scorching hot day two kids and their babysitter go to a nearby pool. In another story, they are with their little cousin, Zara, who might look cute (with her little bow)  when adults are around, but once they’re out of sight she turns into a vicious beast. The weird thing is that when the two kids’ babysitter, who is an adult is around, Zara still acts like a beast! Well, why does this little beast act this way toward this babysitter? This woman is an adult, but the truth is sometimes when this babysitter is babysitting the two kids, they have to take care of her!

     I recommend this book for kids in an age group 7-11. I wouldn’t recommend this book for anyone older than 11 because in my opinion, people who are older would think it would be a little bit more for kids with a bigger  imagination. Kids who are younger might enjoy this more because they might be able to imagine the parts better than someone who wouldn’t be able to see a clear vision of somebody pretending. Though the stories take place in different places they both include  the same characters.