Secret Sisters Of The Salty Sea

Secret Sisters Of The Salty Sea

“Secret Sisters Of The Salty Sea,” by Lynne Rae Perkins is a book that is  about two sisters named Alix and Julie going on vacation with their mom and dad.

   They go on vacation to a beachy area far away from home. Alix and Julie’s mom and dad decide to rent a cabana owned by an old lady named Mrs. Kerr. Julie and Alix have never seen the beach before so when they go there, they are amazed!        

One day when they go to a place called “Proposed Cranberry Bog Restoration” they explore and find a Raptor Center. Both girls are afraid at first, but Alix soon becomes amazed. They got to see different raptors and saw an employee while they were taking care of a falcon. Alix also got to pick one up!

     The next day when Alix goes outside she meets a girl named Nessa. Alix learns that Mrs. Kerr is Nessa’s grandma and she visits Mrs.Kerr when her parents are away. Alix and Nessa become good friends and hang out together, do tricks, and chat a lot. After that, Alix and Julie go to the beach with their mom and dad to collect and eat periwinkles.  They meet a boy named Roby and he tells them that his mom makes necklaces out of sea glass pieces. She makes her own necklaces and gives them to her friends.

If you like animals and family, this book is for you! I would recommend this book for ages 9 and up since I think this would be a very challenging text for grades 3 and under. This book would also be great for both genders even though the main characters are girls, I think everyone could relate to these two characters. For example, Alix and Julie go on vacation with their family for the summer.