Lock and Key: The Final Step

In “Lock and Key: The Final Step”, Moria Moriarty tells the story of the solving of a string of deaths including the deaths of her father, coachman and butler. James Moriarty also sets out to find the killer, behind his sister’s back, with a secret organization called the Scowers. They both know they have to do this even though the stakes are piled high against them. Trickery, gold, and a peculiar gun could mean that their father might have been hiding something that might crack the case. As James begins hiring people to put cameras in a suspect’s house, Moria consults with two well-known detectives.

I find this twist of Sherlock Holmes pumped with adrenaline, though I think this book should be for ages 10 and up because of how violent it is. Another reason I recommend this book for ages 10 and up is because the main characters are mostly 13 or 14 and of course do teenager stuff (that I will not mention just in case kids younger than 10 are reading this). This book is appropriate for both genders because there is an equal level of excitement for both siblings in the story. All in all, this page-turner will leave you waiting for the next book in the series.