The Collectors


“The Collectors” by Jacqueline West is an amazing book about a boy named Giovanni, but  most people just call him Van. In the beginning Van is sitting on a stone bench while his mother is trying on shoes. Van wasn’t like any other kid who gets bored after a while, because he has very keen eyesight and notices things easily. But on the downside he doesn’t have the best hearing. So, on this particular afternoon he was looking at the people in the park and he noticed a red toy in the grass. Van loves to collect things so he goes to pick it up. He dug through his pocket and found a penny, which he threw in the fountain  and made a wish. That’s when he saw her. She was what looked to be a small girl in a large baggy coat, and she had a small silver squirrel. The thing this girl was doing was very abnormal, she was digging through the fountain and collecting pennies. Van tried to talk to her but completely forgot to go back to the bench where his mom was watching him.

This was the point where things got strange. Van’s mom stormed across the street, he looked over at her and she is fuming, but then the girl was gone. Van’s mom was upset. The next time he saw this girl was when he was at a birthday party and the girl was outside. He jumped out the window and chased after her and ended up following her into a real estate agency. He went inside and he learned secrets about an organization called the collectors. Van found out that the girl worked for them. The members of the group make him swear to secrecy. He learns that a close family friend is an enemy of the collectors. So, now Van has to pick sides.

This book was an amazing one that had lots of surprises. It was a page turner. I could barely put the book down to stop reading it. I would recommend this book for ages 8-12 because some things such as the plot twists may be confusing for younger kids. I even got confused sometimes and I went back to reread those parts to clarify what was happening.