Undercover Princess

Undercover Princess

The book, “Undercover Princess”, by Connie Glynn, is probably my favorite book of this month. It starts off telling the reader everything that we need to know so we don’t get confused.

The main character’s name is Lottie Pumpkin. Her mom died, and her dying wish was for Lottie to get into Rosewood Hall. Rosewood is for all the rich families that want the best school for their children. Lottie got in on a scholarship.

While she was riding to Rosewood, she met her first ever friend, Binah Fae. Binah introduced her to all her other friends, so Lottie has a bunch now.

There had been some rumors about the Princess of Maradova attending the school. She looks a lot like Lottie. When a little mistake causes everyone to think Lottie was from another country, they grew suspicious. By they, I mean Lottie’s new friends, Binah Fae, Anastacia, Saskia, and Raphael.

Lottie had been so worried about making new friends that she had forgotten all about her roommate! If she was scared then, at the beginning of the school year, she was terrified now! Then, Lottie opened the door to her dorm. Sitting on the other side of the room was Ellie Wolf, Lottie’s future best friend.

All of the rumors start to get worse and finally, Ellie feels the need to tell Lottie her big secret.

There’s a really surprising twist at the end and if you want to know what happens, read the book!

I really enjoyed this book because it’s very funny and suspenseful. My favorite part of this book is when Lottie finds out that everyone thinks she’s the princess of Maradova. It’s very funny to Lottie because she knows she’s not a princess. She only got accepted because of her scholarship!

I think kids from ages 8 and up can read this book because there aren’t many hard words in Undercover Princess, but there are a few. I recommend picking up this book because if you’re anything like me, you’ll pick up this book and you won’t put it down until you finish.

Remember, read until the end because you’ll be surprised about what happens! I hope you decide to pick this book up, because you will definitely love it!!