The Nutcracker Ballet

Last month, I went to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Hofstra University theater. The story is about a girl named Clara who received a Nutcracker doll at her parents’ Christmas party. Her pesky brother breaks the Nutcracker’s jaw and kicks it across the floor, so her uncle bandages it. Later, Clara falls asleep on a chair. While she sleeps, everything (including her doll) grows…or she shrinks!

There is a battle between the toy soldiers and the Nutcracker against the mice and the Mouse King, which ends in the Mouse King’s defeat. The Nutcracker is turned into a prince! Everyone is transported into a snowy scene, and a sleigh brings them to the Land of the Sweets, where they are welcomed by angels. The sweets and the Sugar Plum Fairy dance for them. There are sweets from all over the world! After all the dances, there is a grand finale, where all of the sweets come back and dance along with the Sugar Plum Fairy.

My sister and I loved the ballet. It inspired us to take ballet again! We were mesmerized by the beautiful performance, props, and the story itself. The costumes did not stand out as much as the props and the performance. My mom thought it was mediocre, but then again it was performed by a ballet students, not a professional company.

The Nutcracker is performed every Christmas, so, next year, I would recommend this ballet to children eight and over, as it is a little long, and the story may be hard to follow for younger ones. Both boys and girls alike will enjoy this delightful ballet. I give it four out of five stars! ****