Come November by Katrin van Dam

Come November is a realistic-fiction novel that is one of the most engaging things I have ever read. It’s unique in the sense that it features a science fiction conspiracy theorist group, so from the beginning it seems like it may be a sci-fi story.

The story centers around Marina ‘Rooney’ Harris, who has a single mother that, at the beginning of the story, quits her job to join a group of questionable conspiracy theorists who believe that on November 17th, aliens will take them to a new world. This leaves Rooney fuming. She and her younger brother, Daniel, both find the theory fake… until Daniel grows his own ideas.

Many characters, including a believer Rooney’s age, her dad, a childhood friend, a teacher, and her stepmother soon come into the story, each in their own very surprising ways.

All experienced readers will love this book, though I would recommend it to mature 11-year-olds and up, for some scenes can be described as teen rated. Otherwise, this book is a real page turner with many different arcs happening at the same time, so every next page could reveal something new. This story is full of betrayals, heartbreaks, arguments, parties, and other action-packed topics.

Another great attribute of the book was that it was very realistic and believable; imagine all the action-packed moments in 5 years of life, packed into one. That is this book. Every action that Rooney went through I could visualize, especially since part of the book takes place in New York City, my hometown! That really set it in stone for me, since all the locations were so familiar and I could see everything. But no matter where you live, I’m sure you can relate to many of the book’s emotions and mental situations.

All in all, a great read with action on every page.

Why are you still here? Go read it!