Time Castaways


     In “Time Castaways” written by Liesl Shurtliff, the three Hudson children Matt, Corey, and Ruby go on a wild time traveling adventure!  They accidentally got on a time traveling ship called the Vermillion which can turn into any transportation vehicle in the world. On the ship, they meet Captain Vincent and go on an awesome adventure to different places and times. For example, the children travel to Paris in 1911 and India in 1751! Matt is responsible and didn’t want to go on the ship at first and neither did Ruby. Corey, on the other hand, wanted to get on the ship the second someone mentioned pirate ships. Ironically, the adventure started because Corey forgot his lunch and “needed” churros. So they went down to the subway and took what they thought was a train to try to get some, but later found out it was the Vermillion. What will happen next? If you want to know read the story!                

I think “Time Castaways” is appropriate for kids that are 9-12. I think both boys and girls that enjoy adventure books would like this story.  I liked the book because it has so many unexpected plot twists.You would know if you read the book. It also conveys the characters’ emotions very well so I always know how a character feels and can sometimes relate because the author really knows how to make her characters have very realistic emotions.  I think this is a really good book and I will be on the lookout for book two.