Mutant Bunny Island 2, Bad Hare Day


“Mutant Bunny Island 2, Bad Hare Day,” by Obert Skye is a great book that could stress you out with suspense, while it can also make you roll around with uncontrollable laughter.

When Perry is invited back to Bunny Island for the first-ever Carrot Con, he is excited to see his uncle, Zeke, and his friends Rain and Juliet again. He just wants a normal visit to the island but that doesn’t exactly go as beautifully as he pictured it would.

Perry then receives a mysterious letter from one of Bunny Island’s most prominent citizens, Lady Beatrice. It is an invitation to have dinner over at the Bunny Island sanctuary.

When Perry, his uncle, and his friends arrive, they are eating dinner when all of a sudden, Lady Beatrice’s butler, Bouncer, accuses Zeke of stealing her nephew’s wallet. Before long, the BIPD (Bunny Island Police Department) arrives and take Zeke away.

Will they be able to clear their Uncle Zeke’s name? Or more importantly find out about the dark past behind Uncle Zeke and Beatrice? Read the book to find out.

I would like to recommend this book to ages 8-12, because younger people might not really understand it and older people might think that this book is too childish.