Funny Kid, Prank Wars by Matt Stanton


 “Funny Kid, Prank Wars,” by Matt Stanton is about a boy, Max who gets into a prank war with his crush, Pips’s twin. Her twin’s name is Tyson. The prank war happens during their school camping trip.        

Abby is Max’s enemy. Pip and Abby are friends, and they are afraid that Gunker dragons will be at the camp from some online stories that they read.

One day, Max goes to Pip’s house to talk to him, but as she’s getting Max water, Tyson pranks Max by dumping water on his head. At the bathroom stop, Max pranks Tyson by making his backpack inside-out.      

 Tyson and Max continue pulling pranks on each other. Some are crazy. One of Max’s great friends, Hugo, pulls a prank on Tyson. Read the book to find out what pranks the boys and girls pull on each other.       

 I recommend this book to both genders because the characters are boys and girls. Also, it’s about pranks which any gender would most likely enjoy. Although the pranks are not realistic, it was fun to read about them. I recommend this for children 8-12. This is because younger children may not understand this book, but anyone older might not enjoy this topic.

I definitely recommend the book, “Funny Kid Prank Wars,” because it was a very funny and enjoyable book to read.