Finding Esme


Finding Esme by Suzanne Crowley is about a girl named Esme who is poor and is living with her brother, grandma, and mom.

Ever since her grandpa Paps died, Esme has been lying under his tractor as if she would find him there but instead found a toad she named Bump. Bee, her grandma, keeps yelling at her not to go there, but she still does as Paps’s face fades away from her memory.

Esme’s grandfather’s death isn’t the only thing that haunts her. Esme’s dad Harlan had left them for a long time, and her mother June seems even more worried than Esme.

Then, while chasing her brother Bo up Solace Hill, Esme trips over a hard rock on the hill. Except it isn’t a rock.

It is a bone.

For a moment Esme stands there in a mix of shock and terror, staring at the bone, frightfully wondering if that was her dad or grandpa, then she runs toward her house.

If you want to find out what happens next, then read Finding Esme by Suzanne Crowley. I would recommend this book for ages 9 and up since little kids might not understand a lot of things in the story, like how the characters feel or the somewhat informal language. I liked the book because of the emotions shared, but at the same time, the book isn’t too emotional.