The Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic Beyond

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The Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic Beyond  by Max Brallier is about a few kids surviving the Monster Apocalypse that struck a few months ago. In the last book (this book is the fourth in the series), Monster Apocalypse survivor Jack Sullivan and his friends discover they are not the last kids on Earth after they receive a radio broadcast from more human survivors that were hiding in the Statue of Liberty. They would welcome anyone to come live with them.

Then winter comes. Jack’s monster allies are pretty frightened by the snow; one of them yelled out loud, “Cold flakes of death falling from above!” Jack and his friends are attempting to convince their monster friends that winter is not dangerous, which they have trouble doing.

Then, they encounter this huge monster that Jack named “Meathook” because of its powerful arm, and riding it is a human. The human steals Jack’s monster-slaying weapon (broken baseball bat) and takes it with her. Jack soon finds out that this human is the enemy here, and she didn’t take the bat just to provoke Jack, but something much worse. . .

Want to know what happens next? Find out by reading The Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic Beyond. I’d recommend this book for both genders at ages 7 and up because it’s an apocalyptic book, and kids too young might not understand the humor which would totally ruin the entertainment provided. For me this book was very interesting because it was somewhat humorous and when I read the book I kept turning pages, constantly turning pages.

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