A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting Beasts and Geeks

In the second book of “A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting Beasts and Geeks,” which was written by Joe Ballarini, a girl named Kelly Ferguson joins a babysitting club.  At first she thought that it was just a perfectly normal club where teenagers like to babysit kids. But she was definitely wrong. It turns out, what Kelly thought was just a perfectly normal group of teenagers, was really a group of friends that protects all kids everywhere!  The reason they have to protect kids is because of the seven boogeymen, which Kelly likes to call “Boogeypeople.”

One day at a Halloween party, everybody was having so much fun!!  But then, someone crashed the party. That person was one of the seven boogeypeople…The Grand Guignol!!  Towards the middle of the story, Serena, also known as The Spider Queen, poisoned everybody, which included some little kids!  And to make matters worse, Kelly has to help everyone, while taking care of a baby named Theo because his mom has been bitten by one of Serena’s spiders!  Luckily whenever a monster is near, Kelly gets a warning. Baby Theo starts to cry.

Right now you are probably wondering who are the other people in the babysitting club are, right?  Well here are some of them. Liz, Cassie, Curtis, Berna, Victor, their driver, Wugnot, and some other people help along the way!  After doing a test to become a REAL member of the babysitting club, and getting a not-so-good score on the test, they STILL let Kelly help them.  Together they make a great team against the seven boogeypeople!

I like this book because it has thrill and adventure.  It also has mystery and I love when books have mystery because it makes me want to read more and more until there is no more to read!  Another reason I love this book is because it has a lot of detail. I like that is has a lot of detail because since there are not a lot of pictures, it makes it easier to picture what is happening in your head.  The final reason I like this book is because it has some things that are not real. For example, monsters and Spider Queens. If you are thinking of reading this book, I would recommend it for fourth graders through sixth graders because it has some parts that may not be appropriate for little kids. I believe this book is appropriate for both boys and girls and it is a great book in general. If you get this book, I hope you have the most wonderful time reading it!