Love Sugar Magic: A Sprinkle of Spirits

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       “Love Sugar Magic: A Sprinkle of Spirits” by Anna Meriano, is about a young girl named Leonora [Leo for short] who was born into a family of brujas. One morning her friend Caroline comes to her family’s bakery, but Leo’s four older sisters tried to hide their family magic from her even though she already knew. Leo gets upset and tries to defend Caroline, but in doing so Caroline knocks over a candle used for magic.

When Leo’s mom yells at her she blames it on Caroline, so Caroline gets upset and runs away. The next morning Leo wakes up to an unusual sight. She can see  her dead grandmother. Leo gets excited because she thinks she finally got her birth order power, but she was sadly mistaken. When she and her grandmother discover that there are more spirits appearing around town, she either has to tell her friends about her secret or risk catching the spirits on her own.

Even scarier is that Leo figures out what happens to spirits who stay on the Earth for too long. To give you a hint her reaction is not good and it has something to do with the word disintegration. If you want to learn more about what happens to Leo, her family, Caroline, and the spirits don’t forget to read the book “Love Sugar Magic: A Sprinkle of Spirits” by Anna Meriano.

       “Love Sugar Magic: A Sprinkle of Spirits” was a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. It is the second book in a series, but I understood it perfectly having only read this book and not the first one.

I think that some parts would be a little hard for younger children to handle because it goes very deep into the death of loved ones and what happens in the after life, so I recommend this book for children between the ages of 12 and 14. I personally am fine with the topic, but it depends on the person. There was a lot of talk about candles and herbs that were used for magic, but it was still very interesting.

The book had some Spanish words and sentences because the family is from a Spanish speaking country. I think that it was very detailed and contained a lot of valuable lessons.

I really like the recipe book in the back. Like a lot of chapter books it has no pictures aside from the front and back covers. The covers show a candle seen from the story. The cover helped me to understand what the authors style is and what the characters looked like. I think that the whole story was a very challenging yet exciting read and I wish I coulld have magical powers like Leo.

The story takes place in a little town with a lot of restless spirits. I hope that Anna Meriano writes a third book, but until then I hope you enjoy reading the book “Love Sugar Magic: A Sprinkle of Spirits” by Anna Meriano.

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