How To Train Your Dragon 3, The Hidden World

How To Train Your Dragon 3, The Hidden World is an awesome movie. It has lots of action, comedy, a bit of romance, and of course, dragons!

In the beginning, Berk is a colorful village where Vikings and dragons alike thrive in harmony. But not everyone feels that way. When new and more dangerous foes show up, there is trouble.

Will they have to move? Where will they go? There are legends of a hidden dragon world. Does it truly exist? And are there more Night Furies involved? Throughout the movie, there is pressure on Hiccup and Astrid to get married. When will they do it?  Watch the movie, for answers to these questions and more!

I very much enjoyed How To Train Your Dragon 3. I love the action-packed battle scenes, as well as the flying scenes. In my opinion, this movie is full to the brim with excitement, and no filler scenes. My whole family thought it was amazing. This movie is great for people of all ages, especially children aged five through ten. I would recommend parents to watch with children under five, because there are, as I said, battle scenes. All in all, I totally recommend this movie as it is awesome. Five stars! *****