Gone to Drift

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“Gone to Drift” by Diana McCaulay is about a boy named Lloyd that lives in Kingston, Jamaica. He thinks that his grandfather, Maas Conrad, drifted out to sea. Conrad goes out to the sea and didn’t come back for a couple days and people think he died because people think a human can’t live that long without food and fresh water. But Lloyd knows his grandfather is a very strong man and even though he has been gone for days, Lloyd goes to find him.

Lloyd goes on these crazy adventures and even risks being killed. One adventure was being a stowaway, a person that hides on a ship for free transportation.  Lloyd’s parents don’t make a lot of money. Lloyd’s father makes money by capturing dolphins and selling the them so the dolphins can perform in the zoo and the aquarium. People don’t think the dolphins should suffer like that and people try to stop them including Lloyd’s grandfather. So even Lloyd’s mother and father want Conrad killed because they need to capture the dolphins in order to make money. Will Lloyd be able to find his grandfather before he dies? Is his grandfather even alive?  

I would recommend this book to people who like adventures. I would also recommend this book to children in grade 3 up to young adults because this book is also about life and death and many of the words are not that challenging. But I think younger children will have a hard time understanding what’s going on. I think this book is appealing to both boys and girls.