UltraBall Lunar Blitz


“Ultra Ball Lunar Blitz” by Jeff Chen is a story that takes place on the moon.  Strike loves to play Ultra Ball for the Tihko Miners with his friends; Rock, Pickaxe and Nuggit. However, the Miners have a big problem that can cost them their playoff lives.

Taiko Colony is one Colony of the 21 colonies in the United Moon Colonies and is a super poor colony. If the Miners lose the coming Ultra Ball, Taiko Colony’s governor will lose his place and will become part of the North Pole Colony.

Strike is the quarterback of the Miners and his best friend is Rock who is Rocketback 2 of the team. Pickaxe is the Crackback 1 and his brother Nuggit is Crackback 2. But they need a Rocketback 1 and Strike is holding tryouts for the spot.

A mysterious figure is caught stealing from a former Ultra Ball star Torch.  Strike and Rock chase he/she and find out that this person is from the dark side. The dark side is a group of people that left the UMC (United Moon Colonies) because they believe the UMC is a violation of human rights.

So back to the thief. Strike learns that she is a super good Ultra Ball player and is given a nickname: Boom. She is given the spot as Rocketback 1. Now that they have a full team they can play against other teams. If the Taiko Miners win most of these games they will go to the Ultra Ball.

The author, Jeff Chen has done a great job explaining the story with lots and lots of details. I would recommend this book to ages 9 to 13 because of its length. (about 300 pages) This book was a great read for me and I hope you’ll enjoy it to!