Midnight in the Piazza

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“Midnight in the Piazza” by Tiffany Parks is a fun mystery book about a 13 year old named Beatrice who moved to Rome and is trying to solve a mystery about who stole the real bronze turtles.  By “real bronze” I mean in the middle of the night Beatrice saw someone take the bronze turtles and when she went to get her dad, the “turtles” were back on the fountain.  The next day she went to study it. She looked at the half-finished drawing of it and they were in a different position. Her new friend Marco didn’t believe her and said that the drawing was half finished.  One day she went to get a gelato (the Italian version of ice cream) and saw Luca, a tourist who made fun of Beatrice the other night. (You’ll find out more about that if you read the book). She asked him what he knew about the fountain.  At the end he said that the fountain was built in one night and then said that the family who built it was cursed! Beatrice thought he was trying to scare her so she kept investigating. Marco printed out the Italian diary, in English, of a wife who didn’t want to get married but had to because her dad already signed the contract.  Beatrice heard of the secret door she found but Marco said it wasn’t real. Beatrice started to get suspicious of Marco when she saw he was talking to a stranger while she went to get them snacks. When Marco started saying that he didn’t believe Beatrice again they got into an argument and Beatrice was on her own again. Do you think Marco is a bad guy or is Beatrice going to find the thief or the real bronze turtles? Read it to find out!

I’d recommend this book for kids ages 9-13 because this book is too hard for 8 and younger and probably a bit easy for 14 and older.

If you like history books I think you’d like this book.  Even though this book isn’t a history book, the main character loves history books and uses them to figure out Italian words mean.  If you like mysteries then you’ll probably love to read this book too!