Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook #2 MVP Summer

Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook #2 MVP Summer

The book, “Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook #2 MVP Summer” by Iva-Marie Palmer is a realistic fiction book because it’s basically telling the reader what happens in a teenage or preteen girl’s daily life. I really enjoyed this book because it was very interesting and funny. I would recommend this book to people that like humorous and eventful stories.

In the summertime, Gabby is asked to join an elite baseball team. Gabby is also asked out by her crush, Johnny! When Gabby’s best friend, Diego comes back from Puerto Rico, Gabby thinks he is going to be the same as when he left. But when things don’t work out for Gabby, she is a little frustrated. It turns out Diego is into bird watching! Can you believe that? In the middle of Diego’s stay in Puerto Rico Gabby gets her own phone, so she could contact Diego. A couple of days before Gabby’s “hang” with Johnny, Diego asked Gabby to go bird watching with him and some friends, and she accepts. Once Gabby goes bird watching she notices that one of Diego’s friends is Johnny!

At Gabby’s baseball practice there is a new coach that Gabby does not really like because he assigned Gabby a new position. Gabby is now catcher even though she loved her spot as pitcher.

Find out how Gabby handles all the weight and pressure Gabby has on her shoulders. Good thing Gabby has her playbook!

I would recommend this book to grades 4 through 6 because it is mostly for teenagers or preteen girl’s that like exciting stories.