The movie “Breakthrough” directed by Roxann Dawson and produced by DeVon Franklin is a very sad movie based on a true story. I loved the movie and I would see it again!! I would recommend this movie to someone who doesn’t mind crying, and who likes a movie that is full of suspense. For example, is the main character, John going to live or is he not going to make it?

An adopted boy named John didn’t do his oral report so he got in trouble, he did it after school and the next day he read it in front of the class. He goes over to his friends house after school and in the morning John and his two friends  went to play on the frozen lake. They dropped a big rock on the ice to see if the ice was strong enough. The ice didn’t break so they went on the ice and started playing tag.

A few minutes later a worker from a store told them to get off but they said,” Sorry sir but we are training for the olympics.” “Get off the ice or I will call the cops!” said the man. “Okay… But we have to catch our friend first.” said John. After they started playing tag again they took a picture and suddenly “CRACK!”“Splash!” The ice breaks and they fall through! John is trying to help his friend up but by accident his friends foot bangs into John’s head and he goes under.

The cops and the fire department finally get there and they put a timer on to see how long he has been under the water. The fire fighters finally find John and bring him up onto the ice and pull him onto the snow covered grass. He is severely cut and bruised. John’s two friends have hypothermia but John doesn’t have a pulse.They get to the hospital and start to try to get a pulse on John but it doesn’t work so they try to give him a pulse by shocking him but that doesn’t work either. One of the doctors doesn’t want to stop trying so he keeps on pushing on John’s stomach.

When the doctors let his mother in she starts hysterical crying and praying then he gets a slight pulse!! His mother calls the doctors and they start to give him medicine. After they decide to  airlift him to a hospital that has a very good doctor specifically for people who drown. Will John live or will he not make it? Watch the movie to find out!

I would recommend this movie for kids grades 3-to an adult because I think that in the beginning the younger kids would get a little bit scared when John  falls into the water. I would also recommend this movie for people who don’t mind crying and if you like to be on a cliffhanger until the end of the movie.