The Magnificent Mya Tibbs – Mya in the Middle

The Magnificent Mya Tibbs - Mya in the Middle

In the book, “The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: Mya in the Middle” by Crystal Allen, Mya is experiencing some problems. At school she and her best friend made a newspaper business called the Texas Tarriditle. It got popular amongst the children and so Mya plans to put all of the other student’s  businesses in the newspaper in order to advertise for them.

 Meanwhile, Mya is having some problems at home. She has two siblings, a baby sister and an older brother. Her brother is one year older than her and he has a friend that Mya is friends with that they walk to school with. Mya’s older brother’s nickname is Nugget, but his real name is Michael. Mya has a lot of fun with her brother but sometimes she despises him for stealing all of the spotlight, and leaving none for her.

Mya feels that her little sister Macey could understand her more because she is a girl. But she also felt that her little sister was stealing even more of the spotlight.

Will Mya ever find something she is special for?

I would recommend this book to ages 9-12 because any younger they might not be able to comprehend the book. I would recommend this to people who have siblings and like to compete for their parents extra attention. I would also recommend this book to students who like realistic fiction.