Turbo Racers Trailblazers

Turbo Racers Trailblazers

“Turbo Racers Trailblazers,” by Austin Aslin is fun and entertaining.

Mace Blazer is just spending time at the arcade TURBO simulator, but he doesn’t know what’s about to happen. He goes to the TURBO museum but the legendary Event Horizon isn’t there.

Mace needs to see Event Horizon for his report!

The turbocraft is at the airport where his dad works. Mace’s dad accidentally stole the craft and is on the run from the police! He landed the trimorpher in a secret landing facility.

That’s where Mace meets Quasar and the mystery nuat offers him a deal. Will Mace accept the deal or just go home? Find out more by reading the story!

I would recommend this book for girls and boys from grades 4-6 because some words are too challenging for younger kids and too boring for older kids.