Zach King Mirror Magic

Zach King Mirror Magic

“Zack King Mirror Magic” by Zach King was about a kid named Zack. He lived his life like the mediocre child except his family had magical powers. He went to Horace Greeley Middle School every day, made friends and ate lasagna every day.

Everyone thought the world would stay that way forever, but it didn’t. In an opposite world Jak (who is a non-magical version of Zack) did not have  magic. In fact, his whole family didn’t have magic because of a curse put on them.

In Jak’s world everyone else had magic but he didn’t. The magic mirror in his school was forbidden to use for it was used years and years ago to travel between worlds. Jak went through the magic mirror and ended up in Zack’s locker and Zack went through and ended up in Jak’s world.

People from Zach’s world realized Jak wasn’t Zach. So they had to get Zach back.

Read the story to find out what happens.

I recommend this book to children of all genders who like fiction books. I think the book is geared toward children in the 7-10 year old range. Also, if you like magic stories this is a great book for you. This book was really hard to put down. It kept me on the edge of my seat.