Just Jaime

Just Jaime

The book, “Just Jaime” by Terri Libenson is a realistic fiction Graphic Novel. I enjoyed this book because it is interesting! I would recommend this book for someone who likes Graphic Novels and who like to or doesn’t mind having a cliffhanger until the end of the book.

It is the last day of high school and Jaime is kind of scared and upset because ever since sixth grade Jaime’s friends, including her best friend Maya, have been mean to her. The new girl Cee has her friends in a spell because her friends are following Cee for the popularity. They were kind of leaving J (Jaime’s nickname) out. They would make fun of her because she really hasn’t matured that much and they are saying she  is a baby.

They are going to the pool after school and Jaime isn’t sure if she still wants to go. Cee ( the leader) told Maya, J’s best friend, to break the news to her. Maya texts J and says “We had a meeting.” J looks at her phone speechless. “It was about you.” “We talked about the good and the bad.” “ We decided to kick you out of the group.”

J is speechless again! After school is field day. What will happen on field day? Will Maya and Jaime be friends again? Read the book to find out.

I would recommend this book to grades 4-10 because it has some parts that would be inappropriate for younger kids to read. I would not recommend this book to boys because is has some girl parts in it that might make boys uncomfortable.