Enter The Mine

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“Enter The Mine” is a terrific, adventurous graphic novel, written by Pat and Jen. You may also know them by their YouTube channel PopularMMOs and their other book, “A Whole New World”.

In “Enter The Mine” there are two kids named Jen and Pat. Pat is always looking for adventure and has tons of friends. Jen is super sweet and would never hurt a fly. But, there is a Jen who would. She is the ruler of the Underworld. Evil Jen captured some of Pat and Jen’s friends so Jen, Pat, and their pet Bomby go into the UnderWorld to save them. But while they are there they figure out that Evil Jen is planning something huge. She is creating holes from our world to her world. Then she turns people into zombie slaves and uses some slaves to eat the people that come into the UnderWorld so they can turn into zombies too. Evil Jen also chains the slaves up in a mine so they can dig for Boomium. Boomium is much more powerful than other explosives. Evil Jen wants to use the Boomium to combine our world with hers, so she can rule everyone. But the only way out of the UnderWorld is with a reality key that Jen keeps. However, Pat feels like Jen is getting distracted on the missions so he takes the reality key. Later Jen stumbles into a hole leading to the UnderWorld. But on her way down she bruises her lip so it becomes fat like Evil Jen’s. Because of this, the zombies obey her. She walks on and finds a fort, there she meets a boy named Valentine. Together they try to come up with a plan to stop Evil Jen and turn the zombies back into people. In the meantime, Pat and the Mayor go to the UnderWorld to save Jen. But they get captured! Fortunately they are not turned into zombies, but they are chained up in the mine. 

Will Pat and the Mayor escape? Will Jen and Valentine stop Evil Jen and turn everyone back into people? Read “Enter The Mine” to find out what happens.

With this book’s comedy and cool pictures it is great for any kid from 3rd-6th grade who is looking for a little adventure. In my opinion this book deserves 5 stars. It was a great book and I hope Jen and Pat write more! 😃