The Birth Of The First Amendment

The book, “The Birth Of The First Amendment,” by Donna Griffin and illustrator Gary Varvel is an amazing graphic novel. This book is great for ages 9 and up. This book is both interesting and tells true facts that happened in the past which is what I love the most about it. 

I feel like I understand the characters and their actions because of all of the details the writer shares about them. I really understand what the people in the story are going through which I feel is awesome. For example, Anna Zenger is secretly printing the newspaper while her husband John Zenger is in jail. The book discusses how challenging this was and that Anna Zenger’s strength and determination gave her husband hope while he was in prison.

The author concluded the book by explaining personal details about what happened to John Peter Zenger when he tried to print the New York Journal in 1734 and was then arrested because he believed and printed that the colonial government was abusing the people’s rights. This information helped me to understand what was happening at that time in history and why the first amendment is important in our lives. I suggest you read the book to find humorous facts about an important time in American history.