Scorch Dragons

The book “Scorch Dragons” by Amie Kaufman is one of my favorite books of the year.  This book is appropriate for children ages 8-12 to read but there are some complicated words.  I like this book because it holds my interests and challenges me to understand the vocabulary. 

Anders, one of the main characters is a dragon who has a diseased twin sister named Rayna. Anders is concerned because they imagine losing their family because Rayna has a disease. Rayna previously fought in the war that they had against the wolves and she got hit by an ice weapon. Rayna has to eventually recover before it is too late. Later on, Anders has to go away from Rayna, but he doesn’t want to. Rayna insisted that there is a nurse to take care of her so he doesn’t have to be concerned about her.  So, Anders plans to partner up with his best friend, Lisabet. 

When Anders’ partners with Lisabet, they are seen as threats to the wolves. The dragons can only be protected by their leaders who are relied upon to protect their team. The Wolves have been acting very suspicious and the dragons want to find out what happened. When the temperature peculiarly drops over the place called Vallen, dragons soon understand that the wolves have stolen an artifact called Snowstone. This was an artifact that the dragons had hidden from the wolves.  Despite all the dragons and wolves actions, both groups are desperate to encounter each other once again. Lisabet and Anders compete on a severe quest to find another artifact called Sun Scepter. Sun Scepter contains more power than Snowstone and will be a better weapon for the dragon’s next encounter against the wolves. 

Will the dragons find the scattered pieces of Sun Scepter? Will the fight between the dragons and the wolves be settled? Will Anders be able to meet Rayna? To find out more about this book, you can go purchase “Scorch Dragons” or look for it in your local library! This book will make you stay up all night to finish it!