“Guts is Raina Telegmeier’s latest hit. This graphic novel, the third of her memoirs, takes place when Raina was in fourth and fifth grade. In this book, Raina has stomach troubles. Her mother is sick too, so it’s probably just a bug. However, the troubles continue, even if the doctors say she is perfectly fine. All the while, Raina still has school to worry about. Can she survive the drama of mean girls, friends moving away, and being at “that age”? Or will the stress of everything, not to mention schoolwork, get the best of her? Find out by reading this amazing book, which will surely fulfill every reader’s needs.

I, like many of Raina Telgemeier’s fans, was super excited when I heard that she had a new book. If you’re reading this, you probably were too. It’s an amazing book, and I found it very relatable. I love this book because it’s deep, but it’s still funny. I recommend this book to girls in third to seventh grade, because children younger may not understand some topics, and, unlike Raina’s other memoirs, it doesn’t take place in middle or high school, so older kids may not be as interested. Boys can read it too, but it deals with some girl stuff that may gross boys out. All in all, “Guts” was an awesome book, and I recommend that if you are reading this right now, you read the book, because you’re sure to like it.