Max Tilt -Enter the Core

Max Tilt -Enter the Core

In “Max Tilt: Enter the Core,” the third edition of the Max Tilt series, things get even wilder! In this book, Max’s friend (that he thought he could trust), Bitsy Niemand, stole the vials of enchanted water. Max, Bitsy and Max’s Canadian cousin, Alex, went many leagues under the sea to get those vials. The enchanted water would have cured Max’s mom, but without it, she is bound to die.

All the secrets Max uncovered were in books written by Jules Verne.  Power-hungry Bitsy and her dad need more treasure and think that a map is in another book of Verne’s. So Bitsy and her dad go on a journey to the center of the Earth. Max and Alex explore down into the Earth in their pursuit. Going deeper and deeper, both groups encounter increasingly twisty situations they need to squirm out of.

I feel that this book is good for kids ages 9 to 12 because it is an action filled novel. Younger kids might not follow the plot. There are also events in the book that gave me mixed feelings such as plane crashes, destruction, death, and coming back to life. But for anyone who likes codes and encryptions, this book is a page turner. 

Will Max and Alex, along with two other friends be able to get the vials back, or will the endless obstacles be too much? This sequel is captivating and will leave you waiting for the next book.

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