Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray

“Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-proof Death Ray” by Jess Keating and Lissy Marlin is a captivating book!

In the beginning of the story, Nickola Tesla, Nikki for short, is in her room with her ferret pointing a death ray at her! Let me take a step back and explain. Nikki is an inventor and loves science and all things related to learning. She is gifted and therefore is extremely intelligent, but she is easily bored. One day she builds a death ray but her smart ferret escapes its cage and almost vaporizes Nikki. Fortunately the death ray misses Nikki and hits the floor. Then the paparazzi come and invade. After the paparazzi leave, two buff men in black suits come and ask Nikki if she wants to attend Genius Academy, a special school for extraordinary students. Nikki has had a very hard time making friends and even has been bullied in her old school. She definitely did not want to go to public school.  (Nikki is home-schooled.) Will Nikki decide to go to this new school? If so, how will the kids treat her? Find out by reading the book!

I think that this book is suitable for readers that are 7-11 years old. The vocabulary is harder than an average book’s words but the concepts are pretty straight forward. I love the characters and it’s really great for science lovers. I think that this book may be more interesting for girls because of the female protagonist and female mind set. I’m not saying boys can’t enjoy books like this but in my opinion if I was a boy I wouldn’t be interested in a book like this.