A Zombie Ate My Homework

In “Project Z, a Zombie Ate My Homework” By Tommy Greenwald a zombie wakes up in the middle of an alleyway. Then a truck pulls up with two people and they take the zombie to their home and they find out a little more about the zombie. The parents’ son freaks out that a ZOMBIE is living with them.

When the zombie finally speaks he says that his name is Norbole Clackzzole and he can only eat jelly beans and is very intelligent. So Ben and Jenny (the parents) teach him how to act human and go to 5th grade!!! He makes new friends, Kiki and Evan, but most people think he is weird because he is allergic to everything except for jelly beans and he can’t play sports. In his classroom everyone was cheering him on to eat chocolate pudding because who doesn’t like chocolate pudding? The zombie passes out so they take him to the nurse and he reveals his real identity (when he went to school he had to change his name to Arnold Z. Ombee). Read the book to find out what happens to Norbole Clackzzole, THE ZOMBIE!!!    

I recommend this book to students in grades 4-6 because of the advanced vocabulary. I think both boys and girls would enjoy this book. I really like this book because it is action packed and I found it interesting. So if you really like zombies you should definitely get this book.