Her Own Two Feet

Her Own Two Feet

“Her Own Two Feet” By Rebeka Uwitonze and Meredith Davis is a true story about a girl named Rebeka (yes, one of the authors) who was born with curled and twisted feet.  

Rebeka lives in Rwanda, Africa so things are different there than in America. There is a big hole in a wood outhouse that is used for the bathroom.  Because of Rebeka’s feet, she had to crawl all over the dirt sidewalk to get there when she had to use it.  It was even tougher learning to position herself to not fall in the hole. That would not be fun. She has a little, favorite sister who’s name is Medea.  Medea helped her learn to walk with her feet and eventually, she got the hang of it! When she was 9, her parents told her that she can go to school because the sponsors of the school are letting the next 250 kids  attend the school for free. She was happy and nervous. Nobody really liked her except for her family. They thought she was cursed, hardly human, and other things. In fact, when she was born people told her mom to leave her on the curb to die or leave her in the woods to get eaten by animals. Thankfully her mom didn’t listen to them and she loved Rebeka like a mother should.  

One day, when the sponsors of the school came and Rebeka overheard a sponsor tell her mom that she would soon be too heavy for her feet to carry her.  Rebeka was so upset! But then, a miracle happened. One day a man named Clay came to The Uwitonze’s house and told them that Rebeka can go to Texas and they can do surgery on her feet to make them straight!  Rebeka was ecstatic! But there was one thing, America is pretty far away from Africa. She would miss her family, especially her sister, Medea. Also, since she lives in Africa she speaks a different language than people in America.  But thankfully, Anika was there to translate for her. The day came and she said goodbye to her family. 

Will the doctors be able to fix her feet? Or will she go home back to getting bullied and teased for her unusual feet? Will Rebeka be able to adjust to the different culture in America? Read the book to find out!

I’d recommend this book to kids 7 to 14.  This book is great for kids of all ages but it may be harder for some little kids and easier for some older kids.

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