The End


The book “The End” is an amazing book and will always have a place in my heart. This book takes place in another dimension, in the sandbox game, Minecraft. In the game and the book The End is a beautiful place full of creatures like: Endermen, Shulkers, and the Ender Dragon (ED for short). The book is about two twin enderfrags (kid endermen) who’s hubinits (parents) died, so they are orphans raised in The End. They learned to hate humans and serve their religion (The Great Chaos). 

One day, the twins learn that they are really human and meet many human friends. Then, unexpectedly they figure out that their pet Grumpo was actually The Great Chaos leader of endermen. Grumpo tells them the real truth about what happened to them but, by the time they figure it out it is too late to stop it. Their reality is forever changed because now their memory is wiped for the hundredth time and they just wait for their reality to end and start again. In the new reality their human friends think that they are endermen and they all think that they are siblings. The worst part is the twins were betrayed by one of the friends they thought they knew.

I recommend this book to anyone over 10 years old otherwise you will probably not understand the book. If you are in the middle of reading the book, be sure to finish it so the story will make sense. If you consider yourself a sensitive person you will probably cry while reading the book. When you finish the book you should probably re-skim through some of the pages so you will understand the story better. The message of this book is with every end there is a new beginning. This theme is brought up multiple times during the story.