The Fear Zone

The Fear Zone

In the book, “The Fear Zone” by K.R. Alexander, four kids get a mysterious note and have to go to a graveyard at midnight. This is a very compelling fiction book that will leave you with chills! If you love horror books and don’t get scared like me, I ABSOLUTELY suggest you read this book!! 

On Halloween night April and her best friend Andres each get a note, although the notes are pretty different. April’s note says, “MEET IN THE GRAVEYARD. TONIGHT. MIDNIGHT. OR ELSE.”  Andres’ note says,MIDNIGHT. GRAVEYARD. PREPARE TO BE SCARED.” They just think it’s a prank from the seniors or a Halloween party invite but, they’re NOT even close! Deshaun gets a note too, although his says the same thing as April’s. His best friend Kyle doesn’t get a note but he goes with Deshaun anyway. Caroline’s note says, “I’m waiting for you, Sunnybunny. Midnight. Old cemetery.” April, Andres, Deshaun, and Kyle all go to the graveyard. Andres and April are surprised to see that Kyle and Deshaun are there too. A few minutes later, April’s former friend, now enemy, Caroline gets there too. They start digging the grave and Caroline finds something and leaves. 

Everyone has been having nightmares ever since they went to they graveyard and Deshaun thinks that in order to make their fears and nightmares go away they have to face them! April sees a clown in her closet, Andres is in the bathtub and something rubs against his leg, what is it……… A… SHARK!! They have awoken a dangerous beast (clown), that will not go down without a fight!!!

Will April, Andres, Deshaun, Kyle, and Caroline overcome their fears and stop the clown or will they live with this forever? Why did Caroline’s note call her Sunnybunny? What are Kyle, Deshaun, and Caroline’s fears? What did Caroline take from the cemetery? Read the book to find out!!

I would recommend this book to people who love horror! I suggest if you get scared easily get ready to be scared because some material will definitely frighten you. I would also recommend this book for kids in grades 4-7 because I think the younger kids would get scared after they’ve read the book. “The Fear Zone” by K.R. Alexander is a fascinating book and if you read it, I hope you will really enjoy!!